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Revolutionary Love
josiana wrote in needgrantaire
As lovely as not-quite-Grantaire-man and Marius's missing underthings are, I should probably make a more useful post.

So, who (or what) would you like more of?

Please feel free to use as much glitter text as you feel is necessary to explain.

Personally, I would like to see more of Valjean being awesome, among other things. The book has pretty well covered that, but still.

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I agree on Valjean, really. And perhaps some Javert?

Aw, yes. ;_; More Javert would be good.

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Poor Valjean. :( Perhaps they find it hard to think of anything else for him to do.

I can certain do some creepy art of her, if that would help. >____>

And um, I wasn't aware there was any at all, would you happen to have a link? :D

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Alas, this may be true.

Not unless you wanted to. :D It's not obligatory.

Ooh, thank you, I'd forgotten all about that.

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Sorry this is taking so long. >_>;;; I am v. busy.

Ami slash in any form is acceptable. :D

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Okay, groovy. ^^ I will do the same. And there are absolutely none that I dislike. :DDD

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Sorry this took forever, citizen. :D;;; It ended up being more complicated than I originally though. I hope it's not too creepy. >_>

les miserables

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I'm glad you liked it. :D

Groovy. ^_^

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How about some more fic about people who weren't major players in '32? Like Fantine? The bishop?

Or Théodule! Tholomyès... I just like fic with all the underused characters...

I second the need for more Valjean being awesome. Because he is.

There is a need for more of them. And an epic length fic about the Bishop would pretty much pwn the fandom. The amount of research one would need to do for it is kind of overwhelming, though.

Yessss. I have been trying to work out some sort of Tholomyès fic for ages. And would probably die of happiness if I saw something about the bishop.

I'd like it if people didn't bash me for it, but I'm always looking for good slash/fluff.
That said, awesome Valjean is certainly in order too, and possibly more of Enjolras' psyche.

I agree. Sure some might say there's lots out there already, but there's not a lot that's made a lasting impression on me... and in any case of recent years the slash/fluff has definitely fallen off!

I would love me some more Joly but that is only typical of me. (something not with Bossuet omg pls lol??? maybe with Feuilly? 8D am i asking too much for a request ;; )

and moar bahorel for the love of robespierre ;; the fandom just seem to neglect him terribly.

I'd like to see more Feuilly (although Mme Bahorel does have that very nicely covered). And more Courfeyrac. Not that there's not a lot of Courfeyrac out there...but perhaps something that goes a bit beyond the Shagmonster stuff. He's all round cool.

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