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josiana wrote in needgrantaire
Hello, citizens! It's...

Infrequent But Still Awesome Community Sharing Time!

Share your Frenchboy* head-canon!

*Need not necessarily only be about Frenchboys. I am equally interested in how you think Valjean's favorite stockings look.

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Like what kind of head-canon? :D? I have miles of backstory for various boys. okay fine just Combeferre, Grantaire, and Enjolras

All of it!

Alternatively, weird personal details like eye color and preferred hobbies and reading material and stuff.

Enjolras, Combeferre and Courfeyrac attended the Lycée Charlemagne at overlapping periods in my head canon.

I've referred to it elsewhere, but have developed it further in the Santa Frenchboys fic that I've yet to post.

It's too tempting when you have Gautier, Nerval, Blanqui and Sadi Carnot there as well at around the same era.

Add to that it's located right next to Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis, where Hugo's daughter was married and where Marius and Cosette are wed, and you have a positively Hugolian coincidence.

This is adorable and totally fitting. :D

And thank you for reminding me that santafrenchboys exists. I totally forgot about it. ^^;

omg omg omg omg omg get back to me on this...

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