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Bored. Googling R in foreign languages.
from the Bayeux Tapestry...
bizarre_knight wrote in needgrantaire

Wow.  The google translation says the chap in the purple is our favorite drunk. 

Edit: I'm trying to look for more Japanese fanart of Feuilly.  Help.  Plz.  If you can.

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When I clicked that link I swore a little under my breath and then did the strangest giggle I've ever heard. Yes, R of the purple eyes and raven locks...

Enjy's hair? I don't even know...

XD I'm not going to lie, but I too, had pretty much the same reaction when I found it.

Enjy's hair defies the laws of gravity.

Where did this picture come from? Is it some anime version or a video game or what? Or do you know?

I'm not quite sure, actually. It does look like a video game ad, though.

It's all so beautiful. &hearts &hearts!

Yes. So allegorical too. 8D

Yesss. I love Enjywenjy's absurdly long flowing hair. >_>

I was going to say everybody looks pretty in anime, yet that seems excessive even for anime. Wow.

I love your icon. Anyhoo, yes. Kind of like beauty pageants, in a way.


That's excellent! 8)

XD Wished I had one, also....*waistcoat envy*

Also, this Enjolras strongly resembles a My Little Pony, and that makes me happy beyond words.

You can brush his hair, undress him every-whe-e-e-re...WHOOPS WRONG TOY.

MyLittlePony Enjolras. That is just - awesome. Complete, unadulterated awesome.

I am also impressed by the way in which Grantaire is apparently trying to play is gun like a musical instrument. Kewl.


...the little blue earrings that match his eyes! And his eyelashes! And the fact that it looks like he's sticking his tongue out at the troops!

I really wish I could make some sort of witty comment about the hair, Grantaire, etc, but I just can't get over his face. Especially those lovely earrings.

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